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Greg Kennedy           

Guitar and Vocals

Les Bloch

Cajon, Guitar and Vocals

Who are the GBs?

 For the past several years, Greg Kennedy and Les Bloch have been crafting orignal songs for their just-released album GB Gents American Stories (June 2018).  Championing original music at their live shows while including compositions from their favorite artists and performers, the GBs touch on subjects of social injustice, the complexity of relationships, the challenges of modern life and heart-breaking truths. 


Les Bloch, singer, percussionist/ guitarist and frequent contributor to KQED Perspectives, puts it this way:

“My sweet spot is short form, 2 minute introspection as on KQED or songs with a strong melody and message.  It’s all about communicating a point of view.  I love to play guitar, but I come from a percussion background and the rhythm has to move me--and hopefully you.  Greg and I write and play our own music inspired by the music we love—artists who move us, like Radiohead, Bob Schneider, Peter Gabriel, Tom Petty and soul greats like Otis Redding and the Temptations.  All this has been absorbed into our souls and what comes out is our own brand of original rock, R & B and some Oakland funk.


Greg Kennedy, guitar virtuoso, vocalist and songwriting phenom puts it like this: “I like well-crafted songs with good, in-your-bones grooves.  I am very cognizant of the tone of my instrument and all the sounds emanating from the stage--I'm a sound geek, so my guitar, vocals and Les' percussion all need to be finely attended to.  I like the music and the words to tell a story in a new way--and that's why I love Les' lyrics.  I like emotion mixed with humor and fire.  I’m influenced by artists like Bob Schneider and Robben Ford.  I can listen to a sweet ballad or Godzilla smashing downtown Tokyo.  As long as the sounds move me, I’m in.”


Whether it’s their finely crafted originals or their own take on the pop hits, the GBs get it done.  Audiences react to the humor and depth of their original songs and the new angles on their favorite artists’ work.  Experience the GB Gents and you’ll enjoy a night you’ll never forget. 

(Or you can just wait for Godzilla).



Bright Night Management

     Maurice Ghysels 


(650) 863-6295


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